12 Step Meeting Schedules


Al-Anon is a mutual support group of peers who share their experience in applying the Al-Anon principles to problems related to the effects of a problem drinker in their lives. You are free to ask questions or to talk about your situation at your first meeting. If you’d rather just listen, you can say “I pass,” or explain that you’d just like to listen. Every meeting is different. Each meeting has the autonomy to be run as its members choose, within guidelines designed to promote Al‑Anon unity. Al‑Anon recommends that you try at least six different meetings before you decide if Al‑Anon will be helpful to you. Al‑Anon is not a religious program. Even when the meeting is held in a religious center, the local Al‑Anon group pays rent to that center and is not affiliated in any way with any religious group. Your religious beliefs—or lack of them—are not a subject for discussion at Al‑Anon meetings, which focus solely on coping with the effects of someone’s drinking.

Meeting Schedule:

  • Ketchum/Sun Valley | Monday 5:30pm – Open | In-Person – Literature Meeting – Pathways to Serenity
    • St. Thomas Episcopal Church
    • 201 Sun Valley Road
    • Downstairs
  • Ketchum | Wednesday @ Noon – Open | In Person
    • Walnut Avenue Building – Rooms C101 & C102
    • 231 Second Street
    • Ketchum, ID 83340
  • Hailey | Friday @ Noon – Open | In Person
    • The Hailey Sun Club
    • 731 N. 1st Ave
    • Hailey, ID 83333